Video health consultations are especially important in our elderly community, people under isolation and the vulnerable in our population, however it is open to everyone as we believe high quality physiotherapy care should be accessible to all.

  • Over 200 qualified Life Ready trained physiotherapists
  • We've performed over 12,000 consults via video health
  • Nation wide coverage
  • Encrypted and certified to ensure your privacy
  • Get the help you need from the safety of your own home
  • Struggle with technology? Don't worry. We'll help you connect!
For existing patients
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What to expect during a video health consultation

We pride ourselves on offering the same level of service you'll receive in clinic!

1. A thorough assessment by a qualified Life Ready physiotherapist
2. A diagnosis of your concern
3. Self-management advice
4. Advice on activity modification and home exercise programs
5. An individualised treatment plan 


  • Initial video health consultation: 45min
  • Subsequent video health consultation: 30min

As our clinics are all unique, please contact your local Life Ready team to learn more about our video health pricing. Clinic details can be found here.

Please chat to your private health insurer to learn more about your eligibility for video health rebates.

Prefer to communicate with a human about booking a video health consultation? Contact your local Life Ready team now! 
Existing patients
New patients